Email List Ninja

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Email List Ninja

About Course

Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Building a Thriving Email List and Increase Your Profits Starting Today!

ATTENTION: Business owners, bloggers, marketers, coaches, consultants and product owners

This Ultimate A to Z, 12-Part Email Marketing Course Will Guide You From Zero to Endless Subscribers!

Introducing: EMAIL LIST NINJA – Complete 12-Part Step-By-Step Email Marketing Crash Course

Email List Ninja

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course :

– You will learn how to break through and make a HUGE impact with your email campaign.

– You’ll discover how to build your own list from scratch and using the very best tools to maintain and manage it. More importantly, you’ll learn the psychology behind a great list.

– You’ll discover how to turn your subscribers into your biggest fans, how to create a real relationship with each member and how to turn those relationships into sales.

– How to set up a mailing list with the right autoresponder, landing page builder and more.

– How to use advanced features and strategies such as list segmentation and autoresponder sequences.

– How to engage your audience more and get them invested in your brand.

How to drive massive traffic to your landing page, resulting in huge conversions and sign-ups.

– How to generate sales from your mailing list and how to profit from it in other ways.

It is separated into the following 12 sections for ease of learning.

Lesson 1: Introduction To Email Marketing

Lesson 2: Autoresponder Comparison & Review

Lesson 3: Top Tools For Creating Landing Pages

Lesson 4: Opt-in Landing Page Tactics

Lesson 5 : Email Copywriting

Lesson 6 : Subscriber Relationship Building

Lesson 7 : Autoresponder Sequence Power

Lesson 8: Landing Page Traffic

Lesson 9: List Monetisation Tactics

Lesson 10: List Segmentation

Lesson 11: Getting Inboxed – Your Guide To Email Deliverability

Lesson 12: Email List Maintenance

Email List Ninja

Course content

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videoResource Cheat Sheet Start
videoMind Map Start
video21 Email Marketing Hacks Start
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video[VIDEO] Email Marketing 1012 m 51 s Start
video[AUDIO] Email Marketing 101 Start
video[VIDEO] How to Build Trust and Authority Among Your Subscribers2 m 36 s Start
video[AUDIO] Build Trust and Authority Among Your Subscribers Start
video[VIDEO] How to Create a Landing Page That Gets Opt-Ins2 m 44 s Start
video[AUDIO] You're going to need a landing page! Start
video[VIDEO] How to Get Your Emails Delivered to Your Subscribers2 m 57 s Start
video[AUDIO] How to Get Your Emails Delivered to Your Subscribers Start
video[VIDEO] How to Write Effective Email Copy That Gets Opens and Clicks3 m 2 s Start
video[VIDEO] List Segmentation2 m 53 s Start
video[VIDEO] Things Not to Do3 m Start
video[AUDIO] Here are some things you should avoid doing… Start
video[VIDEO] Top 5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Opt-In Landing Page2 m 35 s Start
video[AUDIO] Get Traffic to Your Opt-In Page Start
video[VIDEO] Top Landing Page Tools2 m 47 s Start
video[AUDIO] Top Landing Page Tools Start
video[VIDEO] Which Autoresponder Service Should You Use2 m 47 s Start
video[AUDIO] Which Autoresponder Service Should You Use Start
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